The saga of our running light

We discovered some time ago that our running lights on Gem&I did not work.  So Damian rigged up an ridiculous-looking flashlight, type thing duct taped to our bowsprit. This make-shift running light shines both green and red, indicating which direction on the boat is heading at night.  I would call it an “eye soar” to say the least.  But it has been one ugly thing to get rid of, because it has taken months for us to determine exactly how to replace it with a real one!

Oh where, oh where, is the running light wire?  Oh where, oh where could she be?

Damian traced the wires from the stern all the way to the bow, trying to find where the wire that connected to the running light.  The big question was: where were the running light wires?  He hunted for them for several weeks but just couldn’t locate them.  Rich, our neighbor on O Dock, even came over one afternoon and searched with Damian high and low following wires going all sorts of ways up and under lockers.  It wasn’t until after consulting the owner’s manual that he discovered the wires were going all the way up into the anchor locker.  Lesson learned: always consult the owner’s manual first!

Once he figured out where the wires were, he got rid of the old wires that were non-marine-grade wires and replaced those with the correct, marine-grade-wiring. In order to do this, he had to strip the wires of the wire insulation and connected the right fasteners and clamped them to the wire.  He did this so that metal clamps could touch the wire to conduct electricity.  Throughout this project, he used his multi-meter to check and see how much voltage (over 13.0) was coming through the wire.

What are some of the electrical mysteries you have had on your boat?

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about some of the electrical mysteries that you have had to investigate to discover where the wires went, and how you fixed those problems once you discovered where they were located (even if you were hanging upside down)!