on the deck of a sailboat with a cat

An anchor and hope

An anchor holds the boat steady from drifting with the wind or the current from a specific location. When an anchor is set firmly, even the high winds and currents of a mighty storm cannot move a boat. Reminds me of the hope we have that is like an anchor in Hebrews 6:19-20.
Orange tiger lilies on Kent Island

The lilies of the field

For many years the tiger lily has been a symbol to me of my birthday, since mid to late June is the time of year that these flowers burst into bloom in my mother’s front yard. Coincidentally, tiger lilies also grow on the side of the road over the Kent Narrows Bridge. On my many walks on the island, my heart has been drenched in the blessing of God visibly exhibiting His love towards me through the presence hundreds of tiger lilies!