Girl on a sailboat mast with a power drill hanging lazy jacks

Up, up, up the mast!

Lazy jacks are rigging lines that run from the mast to the back of the boom that guide the mainsail into place instead of falling all over the deck when it is lowered. Damian and I were eager to install lazy jacks on Gem&I so that the furling process would be easier and less dangerous for us while out at sea.
Barnacle Buster really works!

Barnacle Buster to the rescue!

How did we finally get our engine to cool down? How did we get our air conditioning working successfully again? Yep! You guessed it! An ingenious little product with a funny name: Barnacle Buster!
Super Solar Shower at anchor on a sailboat

How we shower at anchor

Many of you may wonder: how do we shower at anchor? Even though our head has a sink faucet that turns into a shower wand, we are not big fans of making our entire bathroom soak and wet (because the whole thing technically becomes the shower itself). So we use something else!