Cat on board a sailboat

Howdy from a boat cat!

Hello humans! Schnitzel here to tell you what it’s like to be a boat cat! Click on this blog post to see my life on the sailboat in pictures!
Oil on a cat paw

Oil, oil, everywhere!

Thanks to our sailing Dad, Captain Dave, checking our oil before heading out on a hefty motor sail is a routine practice that we have chosen to make a healthy habit. But sometimes oil gets on paws and causes some trouble on board a sailboat. Here’s what happened:
boat cat sailing with a pet, cat on board a sailboat

Our boat cat, Schnitzel

The weekend after sailing season last November 2015, Damian and I adopted a 3 month old kitten from the local animal shelter. Little did the little guy know then that he would become a BOAT CAT! Damian spotted him right away and knew he was the one for us. Our Leo cat, affectionally called Booh-bah, is extremely lovable and takes command of a room with his lively presence.