Meet the Crew

Damian and I (Hannah) live on a sailboat during the summer months and hope to live on our boat full time soon!  Currently, we are both public school teachers who bought a sailboat with the hopes that living aboard and sailing the world is the next step in our journey of life. We keep taking faith-filled steps as we pursue our dream to sail with a purpose.

Our sail life began a few years ago, and our cat Schnitzel (who we affectionally call Booh-Bah) joined our crew for the first time last summer!  We hope to teach one more year to save up so that we can take the leap to sell everything, move on board our sailboat for good, and set sail to help others.  We don’t know what life has in store for us, but we are inviting you to join our sail life through our blog and videos!

We hope to capture the memories and discoveries of how to live on a boat, learn to become better sailors, and pursue our dream of sailing with a purpose!  Fill Your Sails is for sharing our sail life with friends, family, students, and other curious adventurers as we continue to learn along the way.

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